Guides for "Miyajima Tsuitachi-Ichi”  and “Daishoin Okagesama-Ichi”

Flea-Market or Art-Goods Sale open at Miyajima Island, Hiroshima Pref. Japan.

“Daisho-Inn”: the Miyajima’s oldest temple, with its history over 1200 years-length.


Here is the Flea-Market and/or Art-Sale Market open friendly within the temple precinct.  English speaking staffs are readily available and you are welcomed indeed.

“Miyajima Tsuitachi-Ichi” or Free-Market at Miyajima on the 1st of every month

It is open on the 1st of each month when many people come to the temple for thanks to the previous peaceful month and praying for the ongoing happier month.

It purposes renewing the traditional Ichi (Market) or sale in Itsukushima or Miyajima Island.

That has been taking place as a typical commercial point once upon a time. 

“Daisho-Inn Okagesama-Ichi” or Thanks giving sale at Daisho-Inn

It is a compact and friendly sale open under smaller lineups on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

The lineups

Sale of Japan’s folk art goods, antiques/ Vintage, kimono-wears, sundry hand-made goods, old books and art goods in general.

Demonstration of traditional art goods, portrait painting. 

Descriptions of Sale and/or Event

Time open: 10:30 – 15:00

Place: Miyajima Daisho-Inn Temple ground, (Address: 210 Miyajima-Cho, Hatsukaichi-City, Hiroshima-Pref. Japan)

* “Daisho-Inn Temple” is located at the deeper place, up to “Mt. Misen” from the exit of “Itsukushima- Shrine”.

The approach on the way to the Temple is typically traditional pass in Miyajima.

You are welcomed to visit and enjoy walking around.

Taxis or cars are available up to the approach pass.

Opening days: please see the top page calendar.

Payments: Japanese Yen or Credit-Card.